As we are still in the initial design phase of the project, the details of the budget are still very broad. In addition, we haven’t actually finished the calculations for the final design, so the figures are based only on approximations:

Geared DC motor (x6) $5000
2-channel motor control unit $2500
Power interface $300
Gaming PC $850
Software $30
Microcontroller $60

Electronics Total

Raw Materials
Aluminum tubing for platform/frame $100
Misc. hardware $300
Powdercoat $40
Steel plate for base $60
Misc. tooling $75

Raw Materials Total

Racing seat $200
Racing harness $70
Logitech G25 steering wheel/shifter/pedals $250
Monitor (x3) $400
Speakers $50

Interface/Controls Total

Miscellaneous $500

Grand Total